Palpetine's college years were tough

Sibling love...

Just Mark and his "lack of a hand"

How they filmed Luke zip-lining into AT-AT walkers

He seems to be having a good time.

There weren't any hard feelings after the battle on Endor

Some leader of the Rebel Fleet she was...

The actual R2-D2

And I thought they were prettier on the inside..

Further perspective

Wookie scandals

Harrison and Mark reading over scripts at home

The Cantina crew...decapitated

How to drink as a droid

When Han wasn't busy being stressed all the time

C3 P0 looking like he's on the set of Spaceballs

Even Darth Maul had a few plain white tees

Carrie doing her best R2-D2 impression

The giants of Hoth

Carrie and some troopers having a laugh on set

Cushions waiting for Luke